Dash Cam Camera

T his Camera is quite a Camera . It works great as an accident recorder,

Every one needs such a tool.It has built-in mini DVR  and has high definition

It’s very affordable , comes with multi-purpose bracket . unit has two cameras

memory card= 8 GB SD ( supports 32 GB )  Resolution = 1280 x 480 2 30 fps

USB connection  ,

Check it out at    http;//www.safetytechspy.com



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Hey have you heard of Springer Farms chicken   Well    go  to this web to find out  more


www.betterchicken.com     You can sign up for a chance to win  A freezer and they will fill it with


chicken   just sign in

may   GOD  BLESS


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Honda Foreman ATV


Anyone going to buy a ATV should look at the New Honda Foreman

It’s a Great product I have a 2012 with Snowplow  They are equipped  with  Two or Fore  Wheel  drive with just a flip

of a lever. Great gas mileage,  very comfortable seat  and  ride  Main headlight with upper & low beams

Plus two other driving lights . Front & real Luggage racks This is my third Honda Product


They really do last My Brother has had one since   1988 and it in  running stong


may the    LORD BLESS


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Northern Tool & Equipment

Hello  Again:


Have you heard of the Northern Tool Co. ?

Well let me tell you,   I have had very good service , from them  . Their shipping is very good ,I have never had item

damaged ,   But i, am quite sure if there damage they would correct the problem.

Their tools cover must every type,  you will need to get your work done.

Their web site is     www.northentool com

also check my site  walkssupplydepotllc.com        walkssupplydepotllc@gmail.com

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Hey  ,

Have seen the new tool to remove Hair , It’s  called   NONO   Over $ 4 million sold

Product is for men and women.  This is the solution to removing unwanted hair

just glide the new NONO PRO over your skin,And it’s New Pulsed Thermicon technology delivers a gentle pulse of heat to instantly remove and crystallize hair.

This is cordless,safe,easy to use and painless

This product is guaranteed,  If you don’t LOVE it ,send it back for a full refund.

Comes in three colors , This product has been featured many magazines , such as Ebony , Harper’s Bazaar , Dermascope  , Marie Claire and some others

Featured on The TODAY show, The View , DR> OZ .and The Doctors

You may find out more by going to their web site    www.nono604.com  Or  Phone  1-800-963-1564



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Camp Ground Membership

Hello   Campers

Hey I have a camp ground membership I would like to sell

This an Resort Park International  Park located in southern CA  In the little town just East of Palm Springs,

Its called Cathedral Plams Resort You may look it up on the WEB

Very nice park  it has  a Clubhouse,   Heated Pool,  Spa,  Laundry , Restrooms with Showers

It has 100 Full Service  Sites.       30  and  50  AMP  service

Normal  Prices run Approximately     $  2800.00     Now asking    $ 1200.oo

Trans fee, s are   $ 250.00 which I will  share    Half  of that.

Contact  Me  970-250-9549     or  E-mail        www.gerald_w_walk@hotmail.com

may the LORD BLESS



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Chain Saws

What about chain saws ?  I  have had few bad saws and I have some very good ones.

One of the very good ones, is what I, am now using It an ECHO It was a Gift from my Bother in  law  It’s only a 12 inch

bar but it is just right for trimming, it works fine on trees a large as 20 inch bases I had a bad experience a few years ago

while was wintering in Arizona. I attended a Church, which had some trees they wanted cut down, I did not have my large saw with me

so I used  One loaned to me from a member  of the church,   It took me about a week to finish the job,  But each evening I would

taste smoke & oil in my mouth & throat.   WELL  a couple weeks later I started to get the shakes on my right hand & arm,

After a while I went to the Doctor, He said I was exposed to carbon monoxide ...

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Dremel Oscillating tool

This tool is great tool for  many tasks you can sand, cut wood,  cut metal

Great for cutting water pipes, cutting door jams while installing carpet ,or when removing grout in the bath room

Does  a great job when removing old paint, removing old caulking, just a great tool for doing many things,

I’ ll bet you will find many other uses also

The blades and sanding platform are easy to remove and install it comes with an Hex Key

This tool is variable speed and very easy to handle

This tool is reasonably PRICED

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High priced Canopys

Canopys are great for garden parties at home or as shelter for sun on the campsite. They can be set up in your backyard early in summer and leave them up for the whole season. Canopy structures always consist of sheltering materials and steel frames. They are normally designed to be placed outdoors, but the type of materials used determines how long the canopy structure will last outdoors. The canopy that is very strong always has polythene cover and a galvanized frame. Regardless of the type of canopy you use, the shelter must have protective properties to be functional outdoors.

Outdoor dining canopys are considered to be high price and they provide a perfect solution for individuals looking for protection from the summer weather and the sun...

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New electronics 2013

The year 2013 has been characterized with the introduction of sophisticated electronics in the market. The advancement in technology has enabled inventors to produce highly rated electronic products. Literally speaking, thousands of devices that are constantly used currently, make use of electronic technology for them to operate. These products range from automotive engines to automated equipment in production setting. Since the beginning of the year 2013, there are a number of electronics that have been introduced in the market. Here are some of them:

The 2013 Volkswagen Passat CC car electronics- This car is still its economical position even with reduction in pricing for American models without compromising on reliability, comfort and the adventure desire that arises in enthusiastic dri...

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